Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Blue Heron Farms, we pride ourselves in providing quality, flavorful lamb year-round. With more than 40 years in the business, we’ve grown from our small hobby farm beginnings to become a regional leader in the sheep industry.

How did we do this? In short, we love what we do. We believe happy sheep are the key to our success — therefore, we are committed to being careful, responsible stewards of our animals, our land and the environment.

With more than 350 ewes on 225 acres in eastern Ohio, we live out that commitment every day. In order to produce our premium product, year-round, we lamb several times a year — typically winter, spring and late summer. Our ewes graze 140 acres most of the year, and they either lamb on pasture or indoors. During the winter months, when forage is difficult to find, we supplement them with quality home-grown hay and our specially formulated grain mix.

We emphasize strong maternal genetics, multiple births and self-sufficiency, working over the past few decades to build a flock that is largely Dorset, with Ile de France, Polypay and South African Meat Merino influences.

winter grazing

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