Sheep for sale

Sheep for sale

The genetics we’ve developed over the years are something special. We raise highly maternal, prolific, moderate-framed ewes that produce fast gaining lambs with premium carcass traits. The kind of sheep that can handle whatever we throw at them. Our ewe flock has been closed since the 1990s, and we replace from within our own genetics. But we can’t keep them all.

We are continually raising the bar. Over recent years, in particular, the addition of electronic data tracking and a heavy emphasis on ram genetics through National Sheep Improvement Program has improved our flock’s productivity even further.

We’re honored that a growing number of shepherds have chosen to add breeding rams and ewes from BHF to their farms. We’ve helped to start or expand flocks in Maryland, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana and throughout Ohio, and the list grows every year.

We offer ewe lambs off and on throughout the year, including larger groups of 50 or more. We do not offer yearlings or adults at this time. Our flock is 100% OPP free.

We also, very occasionally, offer exceptional ram lambs out of our highest producing ewe lines — rams that are physically correct and backed by data.

Contact us for availability.

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