Just a farm gal, with some thoughts

Just a farm gal, with some thoughts

Rebecca, here. In this space, I would like to share stories, observations and experiences drawn from life here on the farm.

I grew up around sheep. I watched my mother build and grow the flock over the decades, learning and trying new things as she did so. My formal education and subsequent career, however, was and has been in journalism. I’ve worked domestically and overseas, in media. It has afforded me an opportunity to observe diverse cultures and traditions — especially in various methods of agriculture, in various parts of the world. And yet, here I am, rooted in these Appalachian foothills. Right now.

It’s a learning experience, every day.

There will be stories, photos and videos about sheep and how the environment we have shapes the kind of stock we raise. About working the land and observing the patterns of critters, in general. Living close to the land is an endlessly fascinating thing.

And livestock guardian dogs, or LGDs. I do not consider myself an expert in any of that. But I’ve found that common sense does go a long way. Particularly in regards to LGDs. Consider yourself warned: I do not work with LGDs the way most books or schools of thought advise. But I’ve found it to be extremely effective. It mirrors methods taught by Farei Kennels, in Maine. Hopefully, it is of some help to you too.

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