Commercial ewe lambs for sale

Commercial ewe lambs for sale

We have more than 40 spring-born ewe lambs ready to work for you.

A number of our ewe lambs have gone off to have start a couple of commercial flocks, in Ohio and Indiana. They join others that are working for folks in Maryland, Kentucky, Indiana and throughout Ohio. But we still have more than 40 available, ready to go. Raised on pasture and supplemented with grain. Trained to net fence in rotational grazing.

Born in March and April 2020, they are production Dorset based, with Polypay, South African Meat Merino and Ile-de-France influences. We are OPP free.

While our sheep spend 98% of their lives out on our strip mined fields, foraging, we select for dual hardiness, on pasture forage and indoors, as needed. We select for excellent mothering, multiple births, raised without issues until weaning, and lambs that finish out beautifully, on average within 90-120 days.

Our ewes are 140-150 lbs mature. Your shearer will thank you. We are a self-replacing flock, but we can’t keep them all.

We start at $275/each. Serious inquiries welcome. Discounts for groups. Call 330-507-7842 or email

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